Are You Ready To Quit Your Job & Earn Online Income?

As I'm writing this, I enjoy a Coconut on a tropical Mexican beach.

A couple of years ago, this was a dream, and now it became somehow a reality...

My reality changed because I have changed.

Now I understand.

And I know you can understand this too.

The purpose of this program is the help you demystify the process of getting started, and make things more simple + actionable so you can start your online business.

All it takes to start a business is:

  1. A pair of balls

  2. Initial action

Simple right?

Yet so many watch mindless youtube, mentally masturbating over their future businesses...

But nothing gets done.

This is your big problem: the monkey in your head 

The monkey mind is referred to a mind that is all over the place, constantly distracted, not having a real direction.

This keeps you away from success, and your first breakthrough.

Starting a business is the HARDEST thing.


I agree because I was stuck in a loop that prevented me from a breakthrough.

These are the most common struggles that prevent you from starting:

  • Not having the plan to leave your current job aka 9-5

  • No idea where and how to start

  • Which business model to choose from: Amazon, dropshipping, affiliate, freelance,...???

  • Coming up with a successful business model

  • Too many ideas or options, but you don't know which are profitable

  • How to monetize your skills

  • Confidence issues 

  • Fear, doubt & limiting beliefs

  • Being stuck in old mental patterns

  • Having a difficult time experiencing a breakthrough

START Your Business 

I will teach you how to start a business in the next 30 days!

But why listen to me?

Let us consult my Gumroad analytics for you so you can see some numbers...

The numbers below are from the very very start of Primal Thrive:

  • In Dec 2020 I launched my first group coaching which made me $219.66

  • In Jan 2021 I did the same and made $250.55 with Gumroad and €385 from Stripe

  • In Feb 2021 I continued and made $1,785 with Gumroad and €385 from Stripe

Since then I got the ball rolling and made over 100k in sales...

...When it comes to business I know a thing or two

I know how it is to be clueless...

Not knowing where & how to start.

Rest assured, it becomes easier with some guidance.


In this program you will learn exactly this:

  • Know how to start your own business

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and get started 

  • Identify your skill that you can monetize and build an audience around

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and using this to your advantage (very business specific & will save you tons of pain and time)

  • Understand which business model is suiting you best

  • Using your personality and neurotransmitter profile for the best-suiting business.


Most people fail because they don't have direction and some mentorship telling them what to do.

A plan, such as in this program, helps you progress in the online business world step-by-step.


  • Finally getting started

  • Feeling a relief because you know how to start

  • Having peace of mind and LT perspective/vision

  • Applying the best type of business tailored to your personality

  • Developing actual tools that benefit you in your business endeavor

  • Knowing business 'traps' and avoiding falling/failing

  • Making your first money

What Others Are Saying:

Much To Gain, Little To Lose

So the program is going to cost you something. I get it. No one likes to part from their hard-earned cash. 

But think about the following:

  • Knowing exactly how to get started

  • Finally getting started, building your actual business

  • Your first breakthroughs are literally at your doorstep

  • And if you don't find anything useful, you will get your money back

This means no risk and the potential to have a significant breakthrough and change in your future business.

So what are you waiting for?


While you are reading this, know that there are men at this vert moment who are making their first online income. 

They took action and they are making their online businesses. 

It is easy to make $100 a day, so with every day you hesitate, you're leaving that cash behind.

Start now, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in a couple of months.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Join Telegram Group Chat

    • Telegram: Join Group Chat

  • 2

    Start Here: The Program

    • Start Your Business in 30 Days

  • 3

    Bonus: Mini-eCourse

    • Part 1. How To Start & Hierarchy

    • Part 2. Neurotransmitters & Business

    • Part 3. How To Find a Niche

    • Part 4. Picking a Skill

    • Part 5. Escape The 9-5

    • Part 6. Action & Make Your First $'s

  • 4

    2e Bonus: Cohort Sneak-Peak

    • Cohort 2023

    • Cohort Strategy

    • My Journey to 100K

    • My Lessons

    • Join The Cohort in 2023