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ATTENTION - The "Accelerated Testosterone Optimization"course is about to EVOLVE.

I will be updating the ATO program, and this is what will be NEW:

Instead of an ongoing course it will become an 8-week program, with drip technology. This is super cool! Drip means that the student can only access the course material week by week, unlocking new chapters on a weekly basis.

Some of the NEW things that I'm including are:

Much requested were examples of how I personally cook, meal prepping, and meals that you can prepare in under 15 minutes. The PRIMAL CHEF will be added to the ATO program as a nice addition and bonus!

I’m also adding distilled summaries so you know exactly what to do after watching the course material each week. No-guesswork. Pure terminator mode.

A quick Google search and you will find: “A new study has found a substantial drop in U.S. men’s testosterone levels since the 1980s, but the reasons for the decline remain unclear. This trend also does not appear to be related to age.”

To be more precise, Testosterone levels have been drastically declining since 1987 with an average of 1.2% - 1.6% each year! This means that the average male in 2021 has more than 47 % less testosterone than in the good old days.

Besides a drop in testosterone, men become more and more infertile. In 1992, a Danish study - also known as The Carlsen Study - reported a significant global decline in sperm density between 1938 and 1990 with about a 40% decline in sperm quality and quantity.

Nobody talks about this...

Life just goes on and everyone in their 20s or 30s "suggests" that their Testosterone levels are just fine while accepting that they will decline with age.

The truth is that most men have below-average T levels, that of an old man... and it is destroying their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I bring you "ATO", one of the most unique testosterone optimization programs

Can I share a personal story with you?

I was Low T for almost a decade without knowing it. This caused a plethora of mental and physical symptoms that no man should experience.

Last 7+ years I studied in depth the fields of digestive function, nutrition, physiology, metabolism, raw food lifestyles, and testosterone optimization. 

When I personally maxed my own T levels naturally, my life took a 180 turn and my health problems disappeared. Not only did I experience physical changes - I became more decisive, discerning, disciplined, financially free, and generally a better human being.

The Hormone of Transformation

Testosterone is not just about health... testosterone is literally the hormone that makes a fetus into a male. It is the hormone of transformation. The power to change...

Building businesses

Traveling the world

Breaking free from the matrix

All is possible with high testosterone levels and the right mindset. But first...

My Personal Testosterone Levels Over The Years...

↪️ Levels tested 2020: Total T 1479 ng/dL

↪️ Levels tested 2021: Total T 1253 ng/dL

↪️ Levels tested 2022: Total T 1430 ng/dL

As you can see, I'm living proof of what I do. I walk the talk...


✔️ You don't know how & where to START

✔️ You cannot build muscle or you have a plateau in the gym

✔️ You need more energy and drive to build financial freedom

✔️ Your testosterone levels are suboptimal & low 

✔️ You deal with health issues like digestive problems, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, low energy, no motivation, etc.

✔️ You intend to become a father which means you are the one who's responsible to protect & provide 

✔️ You are on a quest to become your most authentic and best self 

You Will Learn:

  • Why testosterone levels are declining

  • What the physical and mental signs are of low T (self-test)

  • How to read + interpret your own bloodwork

  • All the necessary lifestyle factors such as sleep, fixing sleep apnea, fitness,...

  • How to mitigate EMF's, Xenoestrogen prevention & detox, Iron overload, PUFA strategies...

  • How to change the WAY you FEEL both on a mental, physical and energetical level

  • Change your neurochemistry so you develop a high dopamine personality and become addicted to real self-improvement

  • Complete diet approach which you can individualize to your own needs

  • The ancestral gut health approach to fix gut-related problems (a hidden root cause of low T)

  • How to balance your neurotransmitters for optimal mindset and performance 

  • How to optimize androgens Testosterone & DHT, while keeping other hormones such as estrogen and prolactin in check

  • How to solve Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & Premature Ejaculation

  • & much more

EXPECT THIS IN THE FIRST week after following the ATO system :

  • Better + deeper sleep; not having to wake up in the middle of the night again

  • Food that you can enjoy and which will make you happy & thriving

  • Brighter mind, less anxiety/depression, clearance of brain fog and reset of the dopamine system

  • Set up a structure so the environment works for you instead of against you & start living by your values

EXPECT THIS WITHIN WEEKS after following the ATO system :

  • Healthier hair that doesn't fall out due to stress-related conditions & hypothyroidism 

  • Have excellent sexual function and confidence

  • Optimal testosterone levels in the 800-1200ng/dL range

  • Be fully clean from Xenoestrogens and other pollutants

  • Become more of who you are and attract the right opportunities and people into your existence

The ATO Program Includes

✔️50+ Lessons on holistic men's health
✔️ Personal bloodwork interpretation + guidance and advice (Value $100)
✔️ 24/7 Telegram Group Support and Chat
✔️ Monthly Q&A's where I will personally answer your questions

Bonus Content:

  • The Barbarian Diet Ebook

  • Ancestral Gut Health Guide

  • Xenoestrogen Detoxification Guide

  • Testosterone Sleep Guide

  • Testosterone The Prerequisite for Victory Ebook

  • Sexual Health for Men Course

  • Supplement Guide for Bro's

= Total value of over $500

Why ATO Program?

✔️ Over +200 enrollments

✔️ Over +110 members in the Private Telegram

✔️ High success rate in doubling men's T levels

✔️ Applicable top-notch course

✔️ This program is worth more than thousands of $'s of TRT and other medications with malicious side-effects


2x His Testosterone

Mitch doubled (almost) his testosterone with the ATO program & feels greater than ever.

Imagine THIS...

  • Stoic mind, savage body

  • Zero guesswork, be healthy for life

  • Having a deeper connection with reality around you

  • Unlimited energy and drive for achievement

  • Succeeding in your personal goals

  • Having a masculine aura that attracts the right females

  • Enjoying the strong dynamic/polarity with the other sex

  • Get high on your own supply, feel great as if you just climbed Mount Olympus

This program has worked for so many men all over the world

In the end you will gain:

  • High testosterone between 800-1200 range

  • Deeper understanding of health for a lifetime

  • Access to a world-wide network of men

  • Direct access to myself and personal advice

  • Transformational content to build the NEW YOU

If I knew this information 10 years ago my life would look totally different now. However, I do know it now, and because of that I didn't got stuck in the same draining situation as before. 

I don't wish anyone Low T, nor a sub optimal existence. We are meant to THRIVE.


Accelerated Testosterone Optimization will give you RESULTS & if it doesn't, I will coach you for FREE until you DO

So Much To Gain, So Little To Lose

Alright, so the program is going to cost you something. I get it. No one likes this. 

But think about this:

  • terminate low T, ban it from your life, and embrace your new high T self

  • maximize your life quality in all possible aspects

  • success is at your doorstep in health, business, and with women

This means that you could legitimately change the future of your life and the direction you're heading towards.


So what are you waiting for?

Click that "ENROLL" button below & I will see you inside

ATO Includes

The program does not confine to being a course ONLY. It is also a community, having access to private DM's for support and answering your questions.

  • 50+ Lessons

  • Bloodwork interpretation via call/chat

  • 24/7 Telegram Group Chat Access for Q&A's

What Else Is Included?

Almost every course I created is integrated in the 'Accelerated Testosterone Optimization' program:

  • The Barbarian Diet Ebook (Value $50)

  • Ancestral Gut Health Guide (Value $50)

  • Xenoestrogen Detoxification Guide (Value $50)

  • Testosterone Sleep Guide (Value $25)

  • Dopamine Dominance (Value $50)

  • Sexual Health for Men Program (Value $75)

  • Supplement Guide for Bro's (Value $50)

Guarantee 💯

If for some reason the program didn't work for you, I will coach you for FREE until you have the RESULTS, & that's a promise!


"I doubled my testosterone levels with ATO in 6 months”

Mitch S. | @mitchsturev 🇦🇺

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Accelerated Testosterone Optimization is worth the investment. I’ve tried multiple different programs on how to increase testosterone. Nothing compares to the in-depth quality of information that he takes to go into and teach you the fundamentals and everything in-between. I can’t recommend this course enough."

With ATO Dobrynja has created a masterpiece of a course.

Tim Reich | @timreich 🇩🇪

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

" Where other coaches only provide surface-level tips on how to improve health, he dives deep and gives valuable advice you've never heard before, accompanied by easy-to-understand explanations of the underlying biology and chemistry of the human body. This course especially helped me achieve deeper sleep and better digestion, two things I wasn't perfectly happy with before."

Really GOLD! The course provided me with valuable information as a health coach.

Isak Löfquist | @Crazyslimshady 🇸🇪

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Dobrynja from Primal Thrive has a deep understanding of Men's Health and he certainly proved it with the course! I joined ATO to gain a better understanding of men’s health, minimize stress, optimize testosterone, and improve my mindset. Very valuable information in the course regarding gut health. Super to connect with like-minded people in the Telegram group. Much appreciation 🙏"

It was worth every penny, thank you PT!

Paul Warner | @wholefoodpaul 🇺🇸

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"I purchased the ATO course after following Primal Thrive on Instagram. The course was detailed and it confirms a lot of things I was already doing while expanding my knowledge. I enjoyed learning about gut health and individual hormones. Since beginning the principles in the course I have gained a lot of muscle and I feel strong."

"I highly recommend this course for those who seek to fulfill their potential"

Ariel Armoza | @airel.armoza 🇮🇱

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The course was incredible. Not only did it teach me extraordinary information, it sparked within me a great thirst for more knowledge on increasing my testosterone. Luckily I've been able to receive even more guidance and wisdom from @primalthrive. I highly recommend this course who wants to fulfill their potential.

I can recommend his service to anyone who is serious about improving his health!

Daniel Sentker | CEO of 🇩🇪

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“This has been a game changer for my journey towards better & authentic health. As a chiropractor I always try to find the priorities. A lifestyle without following a crazy ideology is as important as having a good mindset as a man. Dobrynja mastered to teach these principles in good digestible steps. Contact me if you have any questions.”

"10/10 would recommend!"

Aaron D. | 🇺🇸

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“This course filled in the gaps to my knowledge and it gave me the progress I was looking to have. Practical, applicable and effective”

Phenomenal course!

Jasper @jaspernuthall 🇦🇺

"Clear concise very well-presented information! Highly recommend it for any men looking to network & increase their testosterone, arguably the 2 most important things for any man!"

Primal Thrive makes the confusing topic of hormonal health painless and fun to learn.

Christopher | @stinkyshrimpy 🇺🇸

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"I wasn’t happy with my life and I wanted to change it by fixing my health first, which made me join the ATO course. The course and ebooks are clear and easy to understand. The telegram group chat is probably the most beneficial. Talking to Primal Thrive and other students in the group helps tremendously with my progress. The ATO course has added tons of value to my life, which will not only benefit myself but also my community."

As a certified PT & holistic body builder, the ATO course helped me level up!

Walter Ozeryanski | @thegentlemanslav 🇦🇺

The course has helped me with increasing my testosterone. I feel more disciplined, driven, and willing to face challenges. Also, my gut health improved through the nutrition provided in ATO. No more bloating and I feel way more energy. Great deal for me since bodybuilding is taxing on hormones and digestion.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • ATO Intro

    • How to use this program?

    • Telegram Group Chat

  • 2

    The High T Lifestyle

    • Intro Lifestyle

    • Value based living

    • Establishing a Value System

    • Addiction & Dopamine

    • Sleep part 1: Understanding Sleep + Cycles

    • Sleep part 2: Improving Sleep Quality

    • Sleep part 3: Fixing Sleep Disorders

    • Testosterone Sleep Guide

    • Xenoestrogens part 1

    • Xenoestrogens part 2

    • Sourcing spring water

    • PUFA's & Iron Solutions

    • Action

    • EMF Mitigation

    • Xenoestrogen Guide pdf

  • 3

    The Barbarian Diet Nutritional Course

    • The Barbarian Diet Introduction

    • What to avoid?

    • Gut health & testosterone

    • Gut health step by step

    • Primal Nourishment

    • The Big 5

    • Sourcing raw milk 🐮

    • Elite Nutrition

    • Raw food

    • Metabolism & Testosterone

    • Tools for stress resilience

    • Mitochondrial Energy

    • Bonus: Example

    • BONUS: The Barbarian Diet 2.0 📚

    • BONUS: Ancestral Gut Health 📚

  • 4

    T & DHT Maxing

    • Testosterone Introduction

    • The Decline of Men

    • Physiology 101: How Is It Made?

    • Blood Work

    • Testosterone Blood Work Guide

    • Dopamine Dominance Intro

    • Dopamine Detox

    • Dopamine Nutrition & Lifestyle

    • Neurotransmitter Self Test

    • Testosterone Maxing

    • DHT Maxing

    • Estrogen

    • Prolactin

    • Primal Lifts

    • Supplement Guide for Bro's pdf

  • 5

    Big D Energy

    • BDE Intro

    • Fixing Psychogenic ED

    • Fixing Vasogenic ED

    • Fix Premature Ejaculation (PE)

    • Fix Your Experience

    • Fertility - Feeding Your Essence

    • EXTRA: Sex Tonic

    • Big D*ck Energy pdf

    • Uncuck Yourself: The Ultimate Porn Detox Course

  • 6


    • Feedback

  • 7


    • Bonus: Self-Mastery Through The Archetypes