Discover How The ATO Method Has Helped +300 Men Transform Their Lives Without Medication or Crazy Supplement Protocols!

Here is my story in a nutshell (and how I came to do what I do now):

For the entirety of my life, I was a rebel, someone who could not tolerate and didn't obey instructions from others. Someone who orientates around freedom. This is a high T trait btw and studies even prove that men who are less agreeable have higher testosterone levels. 

Unfortunately, the system trapped me into a mainstream path when I entered university as a physiotherapy student, and back then there was no real alternative (not that I was aware of).

During my time at university, I developed a myriad of health issues such as:

- Chronically low energy & brain fog

- Fibromyalgia-like pain in right arm & shoulder

- Digestive issues & hypothyroidism

All of these health issues are related to low testosterone levels (which I didn't know obviously back then). 

At the same time, it opened my eyes to how backward the medical system is, and I quickly discovered that they do not treat the root cause of the problem, nor do they know how to. 

Discovering this angered me, and so I searched into the alternative space of medicine for answers; and in this search, I found certain secret and esoteric principles on how the mind and soul affect the energy systems and the physical body.

But still, this was not the complete picture I was looking for…

Past graduation, my health deteriorated even further after experimenting with several restrictive diets. I couldn’t keep up with the stress of life and had no real purpose or direction for what I was supposed to do. Also, I had little to no money. Back then, the only mental frameworks I relied upon were new-age garbage ideologies, which I now consider to be dangerous and emasculating.

Every problem has a solution. 

Because I was living a life I absolutely despised, a life against my own values, I decided to opt out. As soon as I saved up some money, I flew to Madrid, and from Madrid to Ecuador, where I lived in the jungle like a hippie for three months on a pole building surrounded by rainforest and the noises of rainforest animals. After one month in the jungle, covid broke out and we got stuck for two months...

Being a hippie is not ideal, but having all the time and space in the world allowed me to think and question certain things...

At one point during the lockdown, we couldn’t transport ourselves, this created a limited food supply for a while, which led us to only eat papayas, bananas, potatoes, and some beans/lentils. If you need to lose weight fast, well this is your diet. Trust me, this was no fun. 

Eventually, my government decided to organize a rescue flight to get all the trapped tourists out of Ecuador and back to their home countries.

Coming back, I was weak, skinny, and malnourished. My hair was falling out, I had bad digestion (after eating all those bananas), most likely hypothyroid, and very low Testosterone (which was already low before going to the jungle). 

When the student is ready, the mentor appears…

Somehow, a mentor appeared in my life, and with his set of principles I was able to fix my issues in a matter of a few months.

I also got introduced to a functional MD (medical doctor) who gifted me a very extensive and expensive blood panel that I took.

A week later or so the results came in...

The first question I got asked was 'Are you on steroids?'

The concern of the MD was legitimate since my total testosterone was 1479 ng/dL and free T was 26 ng/dL, which is way above the ‘normal’ range and represents the levels of someone on steroids.

These results were like a wake-up call. An alarm bell that made me finally connect my issues to a lack of testosterone and all the problems I was facing...

In a matter of 3 months, I was able to

✔️ gain 10kg (22lbs) of muscle mass

✔️all the health issues that I mentioned above (and many more) were gone including hair loss

✔️and I was finally able to create a clear vision and purpose

There is a lesson in here…

Testosterone is more than just muscle and libido. It helps a man orientate, navigate and establish vision and purpose in life. This hormone is the male compass, showing where to go, what to do, and who to be.

So I started researching the topic of male hormones as I had no clue what it actually did besides building muscle and sex drive. 

Hard core facts I found…

Both testosterone and fertility have decreased by almost 50% over the past decades! Of course, this isn’t exactly true for all men, but most men’s testosterone is low or lower than usual. Everyone in their 20s and 30s just assumes that their testosterone is ‘okay’ and that only older men suffer from low testosterone.

Hypogonadism or low testosterone is now also a problem of youngsters. 

It was once my own problem. 

Maybe it is yours right now.

All of these events have led me to create the ATO method, formulated in this program, and now this knowledge is within your reach...


✔️ You have no clue where to START

✔️ Your testosterone levels are suboptimal & low 

✔️ You have problems approaching and engaging with beautiful females

✔️ You relapse into bad habits and old behavior patterns

✔️ You are dealing with health issues like digestive problems, skin conditions, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, low energy and motivation, etc.

✔️ You lack purpose, self-leadership and confidence to live life on your own terms

✔️ You are afraid to take the leap of faith, trust in your personal journey, and develop a clear vision 


- All the physical & mental benefits that come with high levels of testosterone & DHT

- Have the energy and mental clarity to create, explore, and pursue your purpose

- Confidence in what you do and who you are

- Enjoying a stronger dynamic/polarity with the other sex

- Have women approach you instead of you approaching women

- No hassle, no guesswork, all done for you

- A strong support system of like-minded men

Why The ATO Program?

✔️ Over +300 enrollments

✔️ Over +150 members in the Private Telegram

✔️ High success rate in doubling men's T levels

✔️ Applicable top-notch education

✔️ Worth more than thousands of $'s of TRT and other expensive medications and supplement protocols with disastrous side effects

The ATO Program Includes

✔️ 80+ Lessons on holistic men's health video recorded

✔️ Many of my written ebooks (see list below)

✔️ 24/7 Telegram Group Support 

✔️ Personal guidance on Telegram 


✔️ Bonus #1: Personal bloodwork interpretation + guidance and advice (Value €49)

✔️ Bonus #2: The new Ancestral Gut Health 3.0 Course (Value €89)

✔️ Bonus #3: The EROS Program: Sexual Health, Fix ED & PE (Value €89)

✔️Bonus #4: Includes the following ebooks (Value €149)

- Detox Guide

- Primal Fasting Manual

- The Barbarian Diet 

- Ancestral Gut Health Ebook

- Supplement Guide

If I had only known this information 10 years ago my life would look totally different now. 

My Personal Testosterone Levels Over The Years...

↪️ Levels tested 2020: Total T 1479 ng/dL

↪️ Levels tested 2021: Total T 1253 ng/dL

↪️ Levels tested 2022: Total T 1430 ng/dL

As you can see, I'm the living proof of what I do. I walk the talk...

Discover The Exact Methods That I Have Personally Used With Clients To Get 800-1200 Testosterone

Note that most of the men who join 'Accelerated Testosterone Optimization' deal with a myriad of underlying health conditions*


2x His Testosterone

Mitch doubled (almost) his testosterone with the ATO program & feels greater than ever.

I don't wish anyone Low T. We are meant to THRIVE.

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Testosterone is more than just muscle and libido. It is an accelerator that helps you achieve things faster. Just think of health, business, & relationships... all of these areas in your life will benefit more testosterone. That's just facts.


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With ATO Dobrynja has created a masterpiece of a course.

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" Where other coaches only provide surface-level tips on how to improve health, Dobrynja dives deep and gives valuable advice you've never heard before, accompanied by easy-to-understand explanations of the underlying biology and chemistry of the human body. This course especially helped me achieve deeper sleep and better digestion, two things I wasn't perfectly happy with before."

Really GOLD! The course provided me with valuable information as a health coach.

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“This has been a game changer for my journey towards better & authentic health. As a chiropractor I always try to find the priorities. A lifestyle without following a crazy ideology is as important as having a good mindset as a man. Dobrynja mastered to teach these principles in good digestible steps. Contact me if you have any questions.”

"10/10 would recommend!"

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“This course filled in the gaps to my knowledge and it gave me the progress I was looking to have. Practical, applicable and effective”

Network & Health

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As a certified PT & holistic body builder, the ATO course helped me level up!

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The course has helped me with increasing my testosterone. I feel more disciplined, driven, and willing to face challenges. Also, my gut health improved through the nutrition provided in ATO. No more bloating and I feel way more energy. Great deal for me since bodybuilding is taxing on hormones and digestion.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here: Introduction

    • Step 1. Join Telegram Group Chat

    • Accelerated Testosterone Optimization Introduction

  • 2

    Week I. Testosterone & Bloodwork

    • The Importance of Blood Work 🩸

    • How & Why To Get Tested?

    • Testosterone Blood Work

    • Blood Ranges ATO kopie

  • 3

    Week II. The High T Lifestyle

    • Introduction: The High T Lifestyle

    • Day 1. Sleep Optimization

    • Day 1. Easy Fixes for Sleep Disorders

    • Day 1. Checklist Sleep

    • Day 1. Bonus: Testosterone Sleep Guide

    • Day 2. Bio Hacks Part 1

    • Day 2. Biohacks Part 2

    • Day 2. Checklist Bio Hacks

    • Day 3. Xenoestrogens, Halogens, and Heavy Metals

    • Day 3. Checklist Detox

    • Bonus: Detoxification Guide

    • Day 4. The 5 Layers of Stress

    • Day 4. Checklist Stress Tolerance

    • Day 5. Sexual Health, Addiction, and Dopamine

    • Day 5. Checklist Sexual Health & Dopamine

    • Day 6. High T Activities_ Boost Your Testosterone Naturally!

    • Day 6. Checklist High T Activities

    • Day 7. The Power of Testosterone in Finding Purpose

  • 4

    Week III. Fasting: Ancient Medicine For Men

    • 1. My Fasting Journey 🍽️

    • 2. Why Fasting?

    • 3. Why Not Intermittent Fasting?

    • 4. How to 2x Your Testosterone With Fasting

    • 5. Primal Fasting Lifestyle

    • 6. Fasting Challenge

    • 1. Fasting Checklist

    • 2. Preparing Your Fasting Experience

    • 3. Primal Fasting Principles

    • 4. Juice Fasting

    • 5. Bonus: Primal Fasting Ebook

  • 5

    Week IV. Feasting: Elite Nutrition

    • Week 4. Introduction

    • Personal Philosophy On Nutrition

    • Primal Principles

    • Elite Nutrition: Introduction & Energetics of Food

    • The Power of Sacred Foods

    • The Benefits of Raw Meat

    • The Healing Power of Bone Broth

    • Seafood for Metabolism and Testosterone

    • Radiant Fruits For Male Fertility, Testosterone, & Stress

    • Apitherapy, The Use of Bee Products

    • The Surprising Link Between Fermented Foods and Testosterone

    • The Power of Vegetables and Herbs for Hormonal Balance

    • The Controversy Around Coffee and Caffeine

    • BONUS: The Barbarian Diet 2.0

  • 6

    Week V. Primal Lifts

    • Primal Lifting

    • The #1 Root Cause of Low T When It Comes To Training

    • Optimal Training for Testosterone

    • The #1 Rootcause of low testosterone when it comes to training (checklist + what to do)

    • Primal Lifts

    • Natural Steroids 🧬 Nutrition for recovery, testosterone, and muscle mass

    • Primal Lifting Plan

    • Primal Thrive's Personal Training Plan

    • Feedback

  • 7

    Bonus #1. Blood Work Interpretation

    • Blood Work Interpretation for ATO Gold Members

  • 8

    Bonus #2. EROS, Sexual Health for Men

    • BDE Intro

    • Fixing Psychogenic ED

    • Fixing Vasogenic ED

    • Fix Premature Ejaculation (PE)

    • Fix Your Experience

    • Fertility - Feeding Your Essence

    • EXTRA: Sex Tonic

    • Big D*ck Energy Ebook

  • 9

    Bonus #3. Ancestral Gut Health 3.0

    • Introduction Ancestral Gut Health 3.0

    • Self Assessment

    • Metabolic Typing Assessment

    • AGH Self-Assessment

    • Elimination Part 1.

    • Elimination Part 2.

    • Elimination Part 3.

    • Fasting

    • Stomach Acid Introduction

    • What Causes Low Stomach Acid?

    • Signs Of Low Stomach Acid

    • Rebuilding Stomach Acid

    • Repopulating The Gut

    • Rebuilding The Gut

    • Routine & Healthy Habits That Work

    • Increase Transit Time

    • Parasites?

    • Gut Cleanses?

    • Ancestral Gut Health 3.0

    • Ancestral Gut Health Checklist