Healthy Hair for Men

The Only Course That Doesn't Blames DHT

Losing your hair is quite devastating as it is part of your aesthetic and reflects your inner state of health.

You might think that when your hair falls out it is there is nothing you can do against it. 

Especially if you are a man, they will say it is either genetic or caused by elevated levels of DHT (another form of testosterone).

The deeper root causes are usually chronic stress, inflammation, and low thyroid function/hypothyroidism; all of which are NOT known or mentioned by the mainstream health community. 

The mainstream claims it is related to androgen hormones, which is not the complete picture.

The truth is that hair loss of any kind, even the so-called predisposed genetic hair loss, is totally under your control...

When you understand hair follicle physiology it will give you the empowerment & confidence back to reclaim your health.

This course will show you how to prevent hair loss & thinning of the hair all NATURALLY, by regenerating the hair follicle's physiology. 

For Whom?

Men with hair loss who:

✔️Have hair loss under <8-10 years

✔️Have underlying health problems

✔️Are optimistic & dedicated to reverse hair loss

✔️Not sure about taking pharmaceuticals

✔️Willing to go down the natural approach

✔️Don't know where to start or what to do

Why Man Manes?

✔️Root cause oriented

✔️One of the only courses that doesn't blame DHT

✔️Science-backed methods for hair loss reversal

✔️Natural alternative for mainstream approaches 

✔️Interaction & engagement outside the course material

✔️Because it works

Why It Works?

✔️No band-aid approach

✔️Root cause oriented

✔️ Simple & aligned with the truth

✔️ The proof is in the pudding

What Others Are Saying

Get Lion's Mane Today & Start Regrowing Your Hair Tomorrow

This Course Includes

The Lion's Mane Ecourse provides a deeper understanding on the root causes of hair loss in an understandable manner. This course includes:

  • Video course that explains the main root causes of hair loss and how to solve them

  • Written ebooks with blood level interpretation + in depth strategies to reverse hair loss

  • My personal approach if I had hair loss and what I would do

You will learn

  • Understand the physiology behind hair loss

  • Learn how you can reverse hair loss naturally

  • Improve thyroid function, conversion, and metabolic function

  • Lower stress hormones like estrogen, serotonin and cortisol

  • Lower prostaglandin D2 release naturally

  • DIY scalp and hair products that are natural and xenoestrogen free

  • Supplement and herbal guide for reversing hair loss

  • Increase blood flow to the hair follicles

  • Reverse greying of the hair

  • Direct support from Primal Thrive via Instagram/Twitter

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Man Manes Introduction

    • Man Manes Introduction

    • Get Accountability Via Telegram

    • How To Succeed?

    • Man Manes Serum

    • Shower & Water Filters

    • Man Manes Coaching

  • 2

    Man Manes Blood Work Guide

    • Blood Work

    • Thyroid Testing

  • 3

    Hair Loss Explained

    • The Hair Loss Mystery

    • Male Pattern Baldness Explained

    • Alopecia Areata Explained

    • Telogen Effluvium Explained

    • Other Kinds of Hair Loss Explained

    • DHT Importance

    • Big Pharma

    • Rogaine (Minoxidil)

    • Finasteride

  • 4

    Root Causes Of Hair Loss

    • Root Causes Introduction

    • Gut-Hair Loss Connection

    • Showering Water

    • Stress-Hair Loss Connection

    • Stress & Thyroid

    • Estrogen & Prolactin

    • Scalp Tension & MPB

    • EMFs & Hair Loss

    • Other Root Causes of Hair Loss

    • Other Root Causes Part 2

  • 5

    Solutions: Regrow Your Hair Part 1

    • Step 1. Introduction

    • Step 2. Gut Health

    • Step 3. Nutrition

    • Step 4. Light Environment

    • Step 5. Scalp Massage

  • 6

    Solutions: Regrow Your Hair Part 2

    • #1 Topical Solutions

    • #2 Man Manes Serum

    • Man Manes Serum

  • 7

    Man Manes Ebooks

    • Protocol Nutrition Guide 2.0

    • Man Manes Method E-Book

    • Topical Solutions for Scalp Tension

    • Hormonal Support

    • Shower & Water Filters

  • 8

    Bonus: Ancestral Gut Health 3.0

    • Introduction AGH 3.0

    • Self Assessment

    • AGH Self-Assessment

    • Elimination Part 1

    • Elimination Part 2

    • Elimination Part 3

    • Fasting

    • Stomach Acid Introduction

    • What Causes Low Stomach Acid?

    • Signs Of Low Stomach Acid

    • Rebuilding Stomach Acid

    • Repopulation With Probes

    • Rebuilding The Gut

    • Healthy Habits & Routine

    • Increase Transit Time

    • Parasites

    • Cleansing The Gut?

    • AGH3.0 PDF

    • Ancestral Gut Health Checklist