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The real flex is being healthy, having the drive and energy to pursue your goals and build a beautiful future.

Health & remaining youthful will be the very things that make you stand out in your 20's & 30's.

Looking healthy is a status symbol, and it will help you distinguish from the masses who are unhealthy and too lazy to change themselves and their lives.

Today, the majority of men:

- low energy

- cannot rise early with the sun

- suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction)

- low testosterone hypogonadal

- are losing their hair and getting premature grey hairs

- are aging prematurely

And the number of people who struggle with their health is only rising. There is also a lot of confusion within the holistic health space. This is a problem as the average health influencer has found an (extreme) way that works for him, but doesn't necessarily work for others. 

This leads to the confusion that a healing diet should become the main diet. This is obviously not doable and even dangerous, hence why so many diets fail, and those on the diets become sick again.

Real Primal Health includes an insanely broad curriculum:

🧬 Fix sleep and sleep disorders

🧬 Xenoestrogen Detoxification

🧬 Heave Metal Cleansing

🧬 Primal Fasting (how to fast safely and effectively)

🧬 Fix gut issues: bloating, SIBO, Candida, IBS,...

🧬 The Barbarian Diet 

🧬 The Barbarian Diet Volume II

🧬 Testosterone Grocery Lists & Simple Meal Preps

🧬 The Perfect Coffee Course (my very first ebook ever written) 

🧬 Heal Thyroid & Metabolism course

🧬 Testosterone resources: blood work guide, root causes, signs of low T

🧬 Big D*ck Energy ebook, Fix ED & PE

🧬 Prostate health

🧬 PT's Varicocele Protocol

🧬 Supplement Protocols

🧬 Success Mindset

🧬 Dopamine Dominance

🧬 Neurotransmitters GABA & serotonin

🧬 Fix hair loss & gray hairs

This is most of Primal Thrive's written work combined that stretches over many health-related topics. 

For whom is Real Primal Health?

This program is for:

Those who seek to broaden their understanding of health in an ALL-IN-ONE approach

Those who struggle with men's health-related issues & cannot move forward due to a lack of understanding

Those in need of simplicity & clarity regarding nutrition, health, and supplementation. 

Why Real Primal Health?

#1 Covers pretty much every health topic

#2 Hundreds of pages on holistic health

#3 Years of research combined, distilled, and made understandable for complete lifestyle and health optimization


1. What is inside Real Primal Health🧬?

Real Primal Health consists of ebooks and written programs. See the curriculum below which exact programs are included. It is a lot of material to cover, so you cannot be lazy.

2. How fast will I see changes?

Within days or within weeks. This of course depends on your current health issues and life circumstances. All my programs aim to bring results as fast as possible (but don't expect any magic pill).

3. How much will I need to invest in supplements outside the program?

Very little to none. Most nutrients can be obtained through nutrition (I teach you how). Always minimal (to no) supplements in my protocols. 

4. Can Real Primal Health be applied to females?

Yes, it can be applied to females too.

5. Will the program fix my hair loss?

Yes, the program covers all essentials for regrowing hair and reversing grey hairs.

6. Is this program going to change in the future?

All my programs receive an update at least once. If it is going to change, all the extra value will be free for you.

7. Is this program for me?

The program Real Primal Health is for those dedicated to improve their health and fix their own conditions. 

First 20 Men can get the course for $180

After, the next 10 men can get it for $220

Keep in mind that the total value of this program exceeds $400...

Course curriculum

  • 1

    #1 Sleep

    • Testosterone Sleep Guide

  • 2

    #2 Detox

    • Detox Guide: Xenoestrogens, Heavy Metals, Estrogen Dominance, Rancid Fats, & Halogens

  • 3

    #3 Fasting

    • Primal Fasting

  • 4

    #4 Digestion

    • Ancestral Gut Health Self-Assessment

    • Ancestral Gut Health 3.0

    • Ancestral Gut Health Checklist

  • 5

    #5 Nutrition

    • The Barbarian Diet Revised 2.0

    • Testosterone Grocery List 2.0

    • Testosterone grocery list (updated)

    • The Barbarian Diet Volume II

    • BONUS: The Perfect Coffee Course (my first ebook ever written)

  • 6

    #6 Thyroid & Metabolism

    • Metabolic Fire

  • 7

    #7 Testosterone

    • How & Why To Get Tested?

    • Testosterone Blood Work

    • Signs and Symptoms of Low T

    • Testosterone Root Cause Guide

    • Testosterone, The Prerequisite for Victory (Revised)

  • 8

    #8 Sexual Health

    • Big D*ck Energy

    • Primal Thrive’s Varicocele Protocol

  • 9

    #9 Supplements

    • Supplement Guide for Bro's Revised

  • 10

    #10 Mind & Neurotransmitters

    • Success Mindset

    • Optimize Your Biology: Dopamine, Serotonin & GABA

  • 11


    • Reverse Hair Loss E-Book

    • Topical Solutions for Scalp Tension

    • Man Manes Serum