Reclaim Your Ancestral Vril & Masculine Potency Within 1 Month

From my previous Q&As, I discovered that many men struggle more and more with infertility, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and Premature Ejaculation (PE)...

Most common problems reported:

🍆 Low libido & Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

🍆 PE or premature ejaculation

🍆 Sexual exhaustion (due to nutrient depletion)

🍆 Infertility & Small Loads

🍆 Anhedonia + Low Dopamine

🍆 Reduced Pleasure

🍆 Low testosterone

Besides men, I hear from women how they have experienced the impotence and decline in dominance from their partners.


Is the FIRST course on men's sexual health, where men can find solutions to their specific problems. This course is made so you can become a fertile beast again. 

As always, there is a natural solution for:

  • ED or Erectile Dysfunction (problems getting it up)

  • PE or Premature Ejaculation (problems remaining it in)

  • Low Sex Drive, Libido, and Low Dopamine

  • Female Attraction & Pheromone Production

  • Low Sperm Counts & Infertility

  • Low Testosterone

  • Balanced prolactin and estrogen levels

You will not only improve your reproductive health but your overall health in general.

This makes total sense: when our biology isn't functioning optimally, nature doesn't want us to reproduce. This is a sign or symptom of your body telling you that there are deeper, underlying causes BEHIND your Sexual Dysfunction.

The course BDE is strategically crafted in order to optimize sexual health and fertility. We will cover the solutions as a whole, and won't fixate on one area.

Become HARDER with Big D*ck Energy. 

Become harder than last time, fix sexual dysfunction such as Psychogenic & Vasogenic ED

✅ Learn to control your fountain, PE or premature ejaculation is a common problem with a lesser known root cause. Discover how to prolong.

Become more fertile in a world that wants you to be infertile. Sperm counts have been going down with 40-50%, and many xenoestrogens destroy your sperm cells. Learn to protect the Crown Jewels with BDE.

Become more attractive by boosting pheromone production ( I will show you the do's & don'ts).

Increase testosterone production naturally with some simple primal thrive essentials.

Learn how to nourish yourself to prevent sexual exhaustion and nutrient depletion with Essence enhancing foods. 

✅ BDE energy is unlike any other course on male reproductive health


The curriculum of the video course exists of three main parts: lifestyle, nutrition + digestion, and to-the-point solutions for any kind of sexual dysfunction.

1) Lifestyle solutions for:

  • Sleep disorders like sleep apnea, snoring & mouth breathing

  • Sleep better & deeper with sleep quality enhancing methods

  • Learn how to optimize your xenoestrogen detoxification pathways

  • PUFA & Iron overload protocol

2) Nutrition, Digestion & Metabolism:

  • Digestion & Testosterone

  • Nutrition for Digestion

  • Metabolism, Testosterone & Nutrition

3) Big D*ck Energy:

  • Foundations to prevent and reverse sexual dysfunction

  • Fixing Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction 

  • Fixing Vasogenic Erectile Dysfunction

  • Fixing Premature Ejaculation

  • Enhancing You Experience

  • Fertility-promoting strategies & nourishment

My Guarantee

If the program doesn't help you, I will personally coach you for FREE! That's a promise.

This Course Includes:

  • Fix ED & PE Ebook

  • Xenoestrogen Awareness & Detox Guide (Value $50)

  • Dopamine Dominance Course (Value $50)

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Sleep part 1

    • Sleep part 2

    • Sleep part 3

    • Xenoestrogens part 1

    • Xenoestrogens part 2

    • PUFA's & Iron Solutions

    • XAED

  • 2

    Nutrition, Digestion & Metabolism

    • Gut health & testosterone

    • Gut health step by step

    • Metabolism & Testosterone

  • 3

    Dopamine Dominance

    • Dopamine Dominance Intro

    • Dopamine Detox

    • Dopamine Nutrition & Lifestyle

  • 4

    Big D*ck Energy Video Course

    • BDE Intro

    • BDE Foundations

    • Fixing Psychogenic ED

    • Fixing Vasogenic ED

    • Fix Premature Ejeculation

    • Enhancing Experience

    • Fertility - Feeding Your Essence

    • Sex Tonic

  • 5


    • Big D*ck Energy

    • Bonus: Unlock The Lover Within

    • Bonus: Bigger Balls Protocol

    • Bonus: Quit Porn & Masturbation Protocol

    • Bonus: Varicocele Protocol